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there, i fixed it
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Der Graue Block
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Ok, I know this will be a hard truth for you to swallow, but men in the first world have no institutional power over women. There is no sexist structure of power that benefits men over women (there is one that benefits women, though, diversity quotas and such...). Catcalling is nigh-universally frowned upon. Besides, by the same logic you could excuse antisemitic prejudice as a-ok, because Jews control the media, the international banking system, the monetary exchange, the stock market, all the while American and European political figures kowtow to Israel, and so on. Or that you can't be sexist against women in Sweden and Canada, because those countries pursue feminist policies and the structures of power there are stacked against men. Or whites can't be racist against blacks in South Africa, because blacks are the ones in power. Or there's nothing bad about hating gays in Britain, because they are privileged by the existing power structures.
The collectivist double standards you employ as a part of your marxist-indoctrination-induced worldview never cause you any cognitive dissonance?
I remember, in my youth, not being a racist or sexist meant treating people equally. But then collectivists like you came about, with their "prejudice+power" mental gymnastics, "cultural enrichment" and "diversity quotas". I come from a poor, working-class family. I am working class, slaving away in a shitty job for pathetic pay. My prospects for vertical social mobility are pretty much non-existent. No one in the political establishment represents my interest. But to a modern leftist, I am the one in power, because I am a white heterosexual male. Can you see how detached from reality this ideology is? Can you see how the left betrayed the working class and became a feelgood fodder for middle and upper-middle class who want to erase the subconscious guilt they feel about having the only privilege that matters: wealth?
I was hard on the left until a couple of years ago. Then the left in my country started preaching the same anti-working-class drivel as you do. Coupled with the actions of the European establishment, I was naturally driven to the right, as the left became inherently anti-me.
People like you worked hard to get Trump elected in the US. People like you are working hard to revive nationalism and white supremacy in Europe. With your marxist-feminist agenda you've swung the political pendulum so far to the left, that when it will finally swings to the right - the process we are recently seeing the beginnings of - it will go so far, that... well, I hope you're ready to Ride the Tiger.
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Playing a Bethesda game like



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